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Oklahoma Certified Healthy Communities

Purpose of Oklahoma Certified Healthy Communities

In 2010, Governor Fallin signed into law the “Oklahoma Certified Healthy Communities Act” which establishes a voluntary certification program for communities that promote wellness, encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors and establishes safe and supportive environments. This annual certification process recognizes Oklahoma communities for their outstanding efforts and achievements in actively creating healthier communities.

Reasons to Apply to be a Certified Healthy Community

  • Community recognition as a healthy place to live, work, learn and play
  • Provides a town with guidelines for how to become a healthy community
  • Helps community awareness and understanding of how policies and ordinances impact health
  • Community has the opportunity to collaborate over shared health concerns
  • Community plays a significant role in creating a healthier Oklahoma

  • For the purpose of this application a community is defined as, “a city or town that has a governing body that allows it to make decisions and set ordinances.”
  • To obtain the Basic certification, community has adopted, or fully intends to adopt after the effective date of Oklahoma Senate Bill 501 (November 1, 2013), an ordinance that prohibits smoking indoors and outdoors on all city owned/operated properties. <>
  • To obtain the Excellent certification, community has adopted an ordinance that prohibits the use of smokeless tobacco products on all city owned properties indoors and outdoors including chewing tobacco/snuff and e-cigarettes.

To review and print the 2013 criteria click here.

Tips for Completing Applications

  • Do not start the online application process until you are ready to complete and submit (you will not be able to save the application)
  • Print a copy of the application which includes criteria for your review and reference before you begin to complete the application online
  • Please check only those criteria that are currently in place
  • Before submitting the application be sure to print a copy for your records
  • Submitted applications are final
Communities are encouraged to collaborate with local community coalitions including but not limited to; city planners, city council, local health care providers, local chambers and businesses, before completing application process. A community coalition, made up of several members of the aforementioned groups would be ideal to apply for the Oklahoma Certified Healthy Communities status.

Communities will be Certified in One of Five Categories Based on the 2010 Census:

  • Rural: population less than 4,300
  • Small: population between 4,300 – 13,999
  • Medium: population between 14,000 -29,999
  • Large: population between 30,000 - 79,999
  • Metro: population of 80,000 or more

Application Process

Each application will be reviewed by the Oklahoma Certified Healthy Communities staff at the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Applicants will not be competing with other communities in their population category; however, population size will determine the required number of points that must be met in each category of the application. Based on size of the community and the number of points earned in each of the four application categories, communities will be awarded a basic, merit or excellence certification.

We’re excited that you have an interest in becoming a Certified Healthy Community. The application process for 2013 will begin August 1st and close November 1st with an awards ceremony to be held on February 13, 2014.

If you have any questions or need more information please call Kathy Payne 405-271-9444 ext. 56507.

Applications were due November 1, 2013.

Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) Community Incentive Grants
TSET offers grants to eligible communities who become certified. Criteria information to apply for the incentive grants can be found at

Become a Certified Healthy Community

Applications are due November 1.