The Oklahoma Turning Point Council (OTPC) formed in 1997 to help transform public health in Oklahoma by working directly with community partnerships on health improvement initiatives.  Rather than a top down approach to public health, Turning Point seeks input from communities to help identify community priorities and implement local solutions.  For over 15 years, Turning Point has partnered with communities all across Oklahoma to work on local innovations such as community health centers, extensive walking trails, community gardens, improved school health activities and advocacy for health improvement policies.  Moreover, OTPC continues as an independent statewide consortium focused on policy issues aimed at improving Oklahoma’s health.

“Undoubtedly the most important personal change from Turning Point is a better understanding of my community…my involvement in Turning Point created a new enthusiasm for public health and the potential for making an impact.  I felt empowered to really create change – something that without the synergy of the group I would not have thought possible to do. Turning Point taught each of us that we can change and can more effectively serve our community if priorities and solutions are developed and implemented locally.”                

Ed Kirtley, Past Chair Texas County Turning Point Partnership




OK Turning Point Council

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